About Us


At the intersections of gender, race, and size diversity, DeAngelo Millner is earning a formidable reputation as a trail-blazing brand, designer, and change agent.

With over 15 years of experience that spans multiple industries including fashion, lifestyle, and consumer goods, DeAngelo’s inherent ability to create and market transformative solutions, while centering around under-represented communities, has cited him as a jet setter among his competitors. His passion for design and style became a defining influence at a young age, journeying his ambition to sew, design, and eventually create Designs by DeAngelo, his bespoke apparel company for plus size fashion. His fashion prowess has cemented his position at the table of elite opportunities like working with celebrity stylist, J. Bolin and supermodel Tyra Banks, a nomination at the Full Figured Industry Awards, and being featured in several local and national publications. A champion for others, DeAngelo’s discovery for advocacy was initiated through his roadmap of transition in body acceptance, sexuality, and psychological wellness. His dedication to projects that highlight voices and stories from historically marginalized communities led him to his latest passion, D Scents, a unique, handmade, queer-themed candle company.

Nonetheless, DeAngelo’s most cherished title is that of a father. The father of one daughter, his focus has always been to teach his daughter the principles he lives by - to show compassion, be impactful, embrace your truth, and live a bold, strong, and beautiful life.


Mission Statement

Our overall mission at D Scents Candles & More is simple - to redeem, restore, and remind our community that, at the end of every day, we deserve the freedom to be exactly who we want, with who we want, anytime we want, without judgement or pause.
We do this by promoting self-love, sparking conversation, and evoking emotion through the relaxing flicker of a hand-poured, artisanal soy candle flame.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to support the LGBT community with agency, advocacy, and advancement by becoming the largest, queer-themed candle company in the world.